Viennese Passionate Craftmanship

The Art of Viennese Confectionery since 1882. Dive into the world of Hofbauer.

The Art of Viennese Confectionery

The history of the Austrian confectionery - full of tradition - starts in the year 1882 when Carl Hofbauer and his wife Juliane opened a bakery in the Vienna 5th district Margareten. Carl Hofbauer was born in 1855 in the Austrian wine quarter and was a trained baker. With its sweet creations, this little bakery attracted not just the Viennese. Within a very short time it was known far beyond the borders of the city. Hofbauer confectionery was the epitome of the highest quality.

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Finest recipes

Für Verwöhnte

Our finest Viennese confectionery pralines are created with particular care and attention to detail. Discover our specialties with Viennese charm.

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Confectionery pralines

Marc de Schlumberger

Discover the unparalleled pleasure of Marc de Schlumberger truffle-pralines: A delicate filling with Marc de Schlumberger, covered in finest Hofbauer chocolate.

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Chocolate covered fruit


A fruity delight made of handpicked apricots, plums, pineapple pieces and orangette, covered in finest dark chocolate

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Hofbauer Rohkost
Viennese tradition

Mozart Balls

A creation of delicate pistaccio marzipan and a core of smooth hazelnut nougat, covered in finest Hofbauer chocolate - enjoy the Viennese taste

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Confectionery art

Gifts with Viennese charme

Enjoy finest confectionery pralines made from selected ingredients - created with particular care and attention to detail. Charming greetings from Vienna.

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Festive delight

Exclusive festive gifts

These exclusive praline-variations bring joy to you and your beloved ones - for festive indulgence

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Süsses Christkind Selection
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